Extra Dry Hair Care with Generic Cialis: Parnevu hair care review

My hair is versatile – for most of the year I wash it and wear it. As long as it’s well conditioned and kept untangled, the biggest question I encounter is whether to wear it up or down. When fall is struggling to turn into winter my hair regimen changes. Because it’s colder outside, I can’t wash and go as often and my scalp gets dry. This is usually the time of year when I begin to blow dry my hair, flat iron it, and wear it straight.

That means I also have to change my hair care products. What works for curly hair does not necessarily work for straight hair. This year, the folks at Parnevu were great enough to send me some products to try. Of the many great products they have, including their Tea Tree line which promotes the natural healing process for total hair and scalp health, I chose the Extra Dry products. Once I stop wearing my hair curly, my scalp and hair don’t get the moisture to which they are accustomed. I was hoping the Parnevu products would help me with this issue.

I chose 3 products to use and review:

Here is my curly hair – for which use curly hair products:

I used the Parnevu products for two weeks. I wanted to give them a chance to work in my hair, especially since when it is straightened my scalp gets incredibly dry. The shampoo lathers really well, and feels so comforting on my scalp.

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The leave-in conditioner is thick and cooling. You can wash your hair and apply it, leave it in and style as usual, or you can do a deeper treatment with it, like most conditioners. It’s like a pudding:

Because my hair is thick and accustomed to a leave-in conditioner with no additives, I wanted to give it something that resembled that, and extra conditioning.

The creme hairdress is lotion like and is applied to hair by putting enough in your hands to cover your palms and then smoothing on. For scalp treatment, just part hair into sections and apply directly to the scalp. I like the dual treatment option with both the leave in conditioner and the creme hairdress.

These pictures show my hair immediately after being blow dried and a close up of the hair strands. You can see how healthy and strong they look. I really like the results I’m getting with this product.

The products are not super expensive – the total collection I used won’t cost over $20; the product line is diverse – tea tree products, extra dry products – all salon used products that you can use at home.