50% off all books in the month of April

This month at the Friends bookstore we are offering an unbeatable deal: 50% off all books! It’s the perfect chance to snag a deal on cookbooks, biographies, fiction, art books, best sellers … you name it! Take our incredible prices and slash them in half for this month only—and this is no April Fools joke.

Don’t miss this opportunity expand your library and your mind. Whether you’re interested in a riveting work of fiction, an easy beach read or just a book with a lot of pretty pictures, now is the time to check out the only bookstore in Los Gatos.

Our selection is always filtered lightly used and highly desirable titles with excellent prices. Take advantage of this month-long sale to add some inspiring and interesting reads to your collection. We can’t wait to see you!

Gift certificates now available at the Friends Bookstore

The Friends Bookstore now offers gift certificates. We’re excited to offer this as a unique gift option year-round for all your reader friends!

Gift certificates can be purchased in the bookstore during normal business hours. They can be purchased in any increment but each needs to be used in full when redeeming. We are not able to issue change if redeeming only part of the value of the certificate. For this reason, it may be wise to purchase multiple, smaller certificates.

Come on down to the Friends Bookstore at 110 E Main Street and grab this easy gift or squirrel a few away for an expected show of thanks.

Gift certificates do not expire.